Welcome to Happening @ S.A.G.A.N.!

Welcome to Happening @ S.A.G.A.N.! We’ll be posting here regularly about some of the exciting events and activities happening on S.A.G.A.N. (Social Action for a Grassroots Astrobiology Network)! If you haven’t logged in, and are interested in astrobiology, space exploration, or science in general you definitely want to check it out – S.A.G.A.N. is an educational initiative of Blue Marble Space that provides a collaborative web-platform for scientists and the public alike!

Next week you can catch the Arizona State University Astrobiology Coffee Hour talk (aired weekly on Wed. mornings at 9AM Pacific), the Stockholm University astrobiology seminar (aired weekly on Fri. mornings at 6:15AM Pacific), and a pubic SETI talk on “A new perspective on the driver for space weather airing Tues. Mar. 19th at noon US Pacific all right on S.A.G.A.N. in the S.A.G.A.N Theater!

S.A.G.A.N. Salon – a discussion group dedicated to thought-provoking topics in science and philosophy – also meets next week on Thurs. Mar. 21st at high noon US Pacific for a conversation on “Expanding the Genetic Alphabet – What are the Implications for Astrobiology and for Society?” hosted by BMSIS’s own Dr. Grasshopper Illangkoon! Find out more here.

Stay tuned for more great events coming up and see you on S.A.G.A.N.!

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