Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars at BMSIS are individuals who are serving in volunteer positions supervised by a Research Scientist. To be eligible, Visiting Scholars must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Completed a graduate degree (such as a MS, MA, or PhD) or a professional degree (such as a JD or MBA) program
  • Be currently enrolled in a graduate degree (such as a MS, MA, or PhD) or a professional degree (such as a JD or MBA) program
  • Graduated from the BMSIS Young Scientist Program

If you meet these criteria, then you may apply to join BMSIS as a Visiting Scholar by following the steps below:

  1. Contact a BMSIS Research Scientist listed at with your project idea. (Please be respectful if a scientist is unable or uninterested in working together.)
  2. Write a project title and statement of work in consultation with your BMSIS Research Scientist advisor. Be sure that the BMSIS Research Scientist gives final approval for your statement of work.
  3. Submit your Visiting Scholar application at this link
  4. As long as your Research Scientist advisor has approved your project, then your application will be accepted.
  5. Visiting Scholar positions are one-year appointments that may be renewed by agreement between you and your advisor. Renewing your Visiting Scholar position may require you to submit a new Statement of Work.

If you are currently in an undergraduate degree program (such as a BS or BA), or if you have not yet started a graduate degree program (such as a MS, MA, or PhD), then you may be eligible for the BMSIS Young Scientist Program. Visit for details.

If you are an active research scientist and are seeking to join BMSIS as an affiliate, then visit for more information.