Podcast: Finding life at the driest place on Earth

Our “Beer with BMSIS” podcast for November features a conversation with BMSIS research scientist Armando Azua-Bustos about his research goal of Finding life at the driest place on Earth.

The “astrobiologist from the desert”, Dr. Azua-Bustos leads a conversation about the various forms of exotic life that exist–and might yet be found–in the dry deserts of the world. Focusing his research on the environment of the Atacama desert in Chile, Dr. Azua-Bustos explains the strategies he uses to search for life in the most dry places of the desert, in hopes of gaining insight into the variety of possible biology. If life can exist in the dryness of the desert where resources are limited, then perhaps this can help to guide searches for extraterrestrial life as well.

[listen to the conversation]