Podcast: Broken Crown Games

May’s edition of “Beer with BMSIS” features a conversation with Tyler Yohe, founder of Broken Crown Games, titled Broken Crown Games – the Indiana Jones of Space Outreach: Engaging & Inspiring New Audiences through Entertainment.

Tyler discusses his journey as his interests shifted from a career in science to one of video game development. Recognizing that the goal of video games is to entertain, Tyler is developing a science-based game set in a futuristic world that allows players to immerse themselves in science fiction but also have access to science fact along the way. The first game in this series, named “Escaping Titan” explores concepts such as terraforming, interplanetary travel, planetary geology, and neuroscience, and mechanics within the game allow curious players to delve deeper into the science behind game concepts. Tyler also discusses how he is working to build a community around the game, including his use of a panel of professional scientists, in order to encourage players to encounter science education through science fiction entertainment.

[listen to the conversation]