Reflections from Tycho’s Island

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe became famous for describing the “new star”, or supernova, in the sky, thereby demonstrating that the celestial heavens are not immutable. Over four hundred years later, Tycho’s island of Ven once again teemed with scientific discussion as the site of an international symposium on the History and Philosophy of Astrobiology. Hosted by the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Study at Lund University in Sweden, the conference appropriately included a tour of Brahe’s underground observatory and castle grounds […]

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“Diavlog” on

What do you get when you combine a dialog over the phone with a video recording that gets combined into a split-screen? According to the brains behind, you get adiavlog. Watch Daniel Foster of the National Review Online in his diavlog with BMSIS researcher Jacob Haqq-Misra titled Xenopsychology 101. You can jump to highlighted sections in this lengthy interview, which discusses some of the interconnections between astrobiology, ethics, and politics. For a deeper look at what started all of the interest in this topic, check […]

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