Podcast: Europa in our Back Yard

Our “Beer with BMSIS” podcast for June features a conversation with Dr. Britney Schmidt titled Europa in our Backyard. Dr. Schmidt discusses her field research in Antarctica and describes how this unique landscape on Earth presents an analog to icy worlds such as Europa. Scientists have been long interested in visiting Europa–and Dr. Schmidt describes some of these efforts underway–but in the meanwhile, we can learn from remote settings in our own back yard of planet Earth to learn about […]

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Meet the Team: Dr. Betül Kaçar

This month we feature Dr. Betül Kaçar, a BMSIS research scientist and postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech. BMSIS: Please tell us a little about yourself Betül:I am a very curious person who wants to understand how nature works. I want to understand how history shaped the biological world that surrounds us: how and why is life the way it is now? I attempt to answer these questions in the laboratory, with the tools drawn from evolutionary, synthetic and molecular biology. […]

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Podcast: Broken Crown Games

May’s edition of “Beer with BMSIS” features a conversation with Tyler Yohe, founder of Broken Crown Games, titled Broken Crown Games – the Indiana Jones of Space Outreach: Engaging & Inspiring New Audiences through Entertainment. Tyler discusses his journey as his interests shifted from a career in science to one of video game development. Recognizing that the goal of video games is to entertain, Tyler is developing a science-based game set in a futuristic world that allows players to immerse […]

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