Lone Signal Now Online

Check out Lone Signal, a project to send messages into space developed in partnership with scientists at BMSIS.

Lone Signal is a messaging platform that allows anyone with an Internet connection to send a message toward star systems selected for our METI (messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence) experiment. Through lonesignal.com, users can send a 144 character text message for free, and they can send subsequent messages or photos for a fee. The website incorporates aspects of social media that allow users to mirror to Facebook or Twitter, comment on each others beams, make favorites, and view statistics of who else is using the service.

The project is made possible by our exclusive access to the historic Jamesburg Earth Station, a 30 meter dish located in Carmel Valley, California. The basic idea behind our METI experiment is to send a beam, containing both a hailing message and a user stream of global messages, toward nearby star systems likely to harbor habitable extrasolar planets.

The project has attracted a lot of media attention so far, including great coverage from Space.com. Be sure to sign up and send your free message!