Information Systems Week at São Paulo University

BMSIS Young Scientist Fernando Favoretti Vital do Prado led an outreach event at the University of São Paulo. Fernando’s engagement was part of his Communications requirements for the BMSIS Young Scientist Program. Read Fernando’s impressions below:

Last week I gave a talk at the University of São Paulo for the Information Systems Week. The Information Systems Week is characterized by technical-scientific-cultural events carried out in different formats and by the exchange of experiences between students of all levels inside and outside the University, as well as the population interested in the area and professionals of the University and the Information Systems industry.

This is the most important academic event of the year for the course of Information System. In it, the participant has the opportunity to attend lectures and talks on a wide range of subjects in the field of technology, which are not usually addressed in the classroom, adding much to his undergraduate experience. In addition, the presence of several companies in the industry can bring a good view of the IT market, enabling even an opportunity in the area.

My talk covered 3 main topics: The Blue Marble Space Institute, The Young Scientist Program and finally the project that I’m doing with Dr. Rafael Loureiro (OMNICRIP) where I mainly covered topics about machine learning in practice using real problems derived from the project, the main audience for the talk were undergraduates students and some graduates students so the talk was quite technical, generating extremely valid doubts and comments at the end.

In the end, many students came to talk to me in particular and showed great interest about the OMNICROP project and interest in participating in the program of young scientist in the next editions.

I was very pleased with the reception of the university and the students, as well the interest in them, also very happy with the opportunity that the BMSIS gave me to participate and spread the project, thank you all so much!