Growing with BMSIS

By Bhargabi Banerjee

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS) has been a turning point that introduced me to the Young Science Program (YSP). Excited by its potential to broaden my prospects academically and professionally, I applied eagerly, despite having no prior experience. Unfortunately, I faced rejection that year. However, rather than viewing it as a setback, I saw it as an opportunity to develop my skills.

I waited for the application window to open next year and wasted no time in applying for the Scicomm project under Dr. Graham Lau that aligned perfectly with my interests. I was elated to receive the acceptance email, and eagerly waited for the program to start. The community consists of  scientists, visiting scholars, and research associates from diverse backgrounds. What struck me was their unity despite varying origins and time zones, always supporting one another through every event.

The YSP exposed me to different perspectives and provided me the opportunity to interact with esteemed scientists that would otherwise be unimaginable. This internship experience has significantly enhanced my applications across various domains, setting them apart. Dr. Graham Lau, my mentor, has been an incredible guide, making our group meetings a blend of knowledge sharing, discussions, and personal anecdotes—a mentorship I deeply cherish.

Through BMSIS, I’ve met remarkable individuals who continue to inspire me, each of them doing wonders in their lives. It gave me connections that I would cherish throughout my life. My journey from a Research Associate to a Visiting Scholar has been profoundly enriching, shaping me not only professionally but also personally. Every day, I continue to learn from the amazing individuals in our community, and I encourage anyone reading this to seize the wonderful opportunity of the YSP program to join the community that helps you grow each day!