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Patience is a Virtue

By Kurt Ger Almost every major technological advance throughout history originated from basic research that was conducted as its own goal, and seemingly offered no short-term benefit. For example, studies about the atom have led to computers as we use them today, and much of modern anatomy and medicine stems from dissections on dead bodies performed centuries ago. Humanity’s relationship with space is much more than just building rockets and sending them somewhere. As expanding our reach into the far […]

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Just an ‘Earth Thing’

by Emily Harari When I think of Earth, the first thing that comes to mind is life. When I was an undergraduate student studying biology, I saw our planet as an oasis in the desert of our galaxy, where extreme conditions made life seemingly impossible. As I graduated from university, however, I realized that life maybe isn’t just an ‘Earth thing.’  Astrobiology is a field of study that brings together the studies of life on Earth with the possibility for […]

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Julia DeMarines: A real-life Ellie Arroway who wants to “watch the stars, and see [herself] running with them”

By Rabeea Rasheed Learning about the cosmic perspective and our seemingly insignificant, yet rare and beautiful place in the universe, makes one think, are there any others out there? Are we alone in the cosmos? These questions are a matter of interest for a lot of humans, but they’ve become a lifelong passion for Julia DeMarines. She’s seeking answers to these questions with help from her extensive academic career and diligent research work. Julia is an astrobiologist, National Geographic Explorer, […]

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“When I think of the Earth, I think about…”

By Elisabeth Lee When I think of the Earth, I think about how it is a home for so much life — plants, microbes, fungi, animals, and humans. Technological advances discovered by humans have given us the potential to discover more about our world and uncover its past. While humans are capable of so much positive change, we have the ability to cause so much damage as well. The effects of climate change are permeating into ecosystems, the atmosphere, and […]

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CALL FOR STORIES – Volume 3 of the BMSIS short story collection

We invite you to contribute a fictional (or “artful” non-fiction) short story to the third volume of the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS) short story collection, “Tales from Spaceship Earth”, to be published by Habitable Press. As the world reels under the weight of the COVID outbreak, it is becoming apparent many things about society will likely change. These changes will be uneven. Some will be good, some will be bad, depending on one’s perspective.  The goals of […]

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