BMSIS Visiting Scholar: Shivani Muthineni

Hey people! This is Shivani Muthineni. I would prefer to be called Shivani.

With a degree in microbiology, I recently worked with Research Scientists at BMSIS YSP as a Research Associate, and now make the transition to the Visiting Scholars Program.

In a way, I worked to rule out the possibilities of aliens being more like humans by analyzing the samples of Icelands’ Mars Analog Sites, for presence lipids that belong to microbes.

Do watch the recorded talk on my work, if you haven’t watched it yet…

I’ve enrolled myself in a Master’s program (Msc. Biochem), lately.

Meditating, reading, working out, Bhajans and kirtans, perfectly fit my schedule and are certainly my adored, pre-eminent pastimes.

Bottom line: I’m basically a neophyte trying to fix science in my head! ✌🏽

We could keep up with science and Astrobiology, if this is enthralling, at: