BMSIS Visiting Scholar: Meri Herrero Perez

Hi! My name is Meri Herrero and I’m a 4th year PhD student working in prebiotic chemistry.

Meri Herrero

I grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and I took a double BS on Physics and Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Catalonia. After that, I enrolled in an MS program in Astrophysics and it was there that I was properly introduced to Astrobiology. I fell in love with it and I knew right away that I wanted to continue my career on that field. I attended the Santander Astrobiology Summer School soon after I graduated and there I met my current PhD advisor with whom I’m still working today. Moving to the US was not easy as I had to move away from my family and my beloved ocean, but I’m really happy I did because I love the research I do and the people I’ve met along the way!

I’ve always been very amazed by the life phenomenon in general, and very humbled by all the things about it that we still don’t know. I have many interests and I love trying new things, but I think it all comes down to enjoying the journey of being alive and making the most of it by being more connected to people, Earth, and the universe we live in. This is what has guided me to pursue the origins of life question and what motivated me to get more involved in science communication and eventually joining the BMSIS!

Fun facts about me: I love oil painting and stained glass but I’m not great at either, my favorite fruit is the Canarian banana (fyi they are NOT like the regular bananas sold in the US), I have plenty of music/science video ideas but not the time/resources to make them (yet?), and my dad is a national Chess Champion but I can’t for my life win a single match.