BMSIS Staff Scientist: Dr. Barbara Novak

We’re excited to have Dr. Barbara Novak joining BMSIS as a Staff Scientist through the NASA GeneLab at Ames Research Center. Dr. Novak will be working with Drs. Sylvain Costes (NASA Ames) and Lauren Sanders (BMSIS).

Dr. Novak is an experienced bioinformatician with over 15 years of industry experience providing bioinformatics support for genomic assay product development. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the California Institute of Technology, but quickly decided that she’d rather solve computational challenges.

Barbara went on to earn her Ph.D. in Biological and Medical Informatics at the University of California, San Francisco, analyzing gene expression and genomic profiling data in the context of pathway structures.

Upon finishing her degree, she joined the Genomics group at Agilent Technologies where she led the bioinformatics effort in developing the SureSelect Target Enrichment platform. Most recently,

Barbara directed bioinformatics and software strategy as the Head of Software and Bioinformatics at Factorial Biotechnologies, a single-cell startup developing a novel in-cell library prep solution.

We all look forward to seeing the impacts of her work with BMSIS and the NASA GeneLab team.