Podcast: Habitabily Metrics for Astrobiology

Our “Beer with BMSIS” podcast for July features a conversation with Dr. Abel Méndez of the University of Puerto Rico about his research on “Habitabily Metrics for Astrobiology“. Habitability is often defined as the ability of a planet to have liquid water on its surface, but can one planet be “more habitable” than another? Is Earth at optimal habitable conditions? Dr. Abel Méndez raises such questions in his efforts to quantify habitability using analytical tools borrowed from ecology. He describes […]

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Podcast: Curiosity & The Road to Mt. Sharp

Our “Beer with BMSIS” podcast for June features a conversation with our own Dr. Craig Hardgrove about current progress in Mars rover exploration titled “Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Mission Update: The Road to Mt. Sharp“. Missions to Mars require careful management by a team of coordinated experts to accomplish science goals, maintain the integrity of the technology, and keep focus on the long-term timeline. Dr. Craig Hardgrove gives us an insider’s perspective on the daily communication between scientists, engineers, and […]

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