BlueSciCon (“Blue Marble Space Science Conversations”) is our scientific seminar series that focuses on topics relevant to the research undertaken by the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. Each show features expert discussions of contemporary research or current events in science. The goal of BlueSciCon seminars is to allow the host to obtain feedback on their ideas from our live audience, and to make available out novel ideas, discuss philosophical insights, or comments on current events to our podcast audience.

BlueSciCon Episode 37: The Descent of Math

Dr. Sara Walker Beverage: Seltzer Water Listen: [mp3 download] Questions to consider: Why does the universe seem comprehensible, and why should beings like us be here to comprehend it? How does our knowledge about the laws of physics permit us to access new physical states of the world? Do other creatures–such as birds or beavers–engage in knowledge manipulation of their environments? Are there early examples of the emergence of math, prior to the evolution of humans? Is the development of […]

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BlueSciCon Episode 36: Winter-Safe Deterrence

Dr. Seth Baum & Kathryn McLaughlin Beverage: Yuengling (United States – Pennsylvania) Listen: [mp3 download] Questions to consider: What would be the consequences of a global nuclear winter? How significant is the threat of nuclear winter today? Is deterrence the primary motivation for states to acquire nuclear weapons? Can we achieve deterrence while eliminating the risk of nuclear winter? Are biological weapons a viable alternative, or do they carry too many unknown risks to serve as a winter-safe deterrent? [ca_audio […]

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