The Problems with Talking to Aliens

A recent article in the Kernel features Michael Busch, Dimitra Atri, and Jacob Haqq-Misra on the subject of sending messages into space. The Lone Signal project of 2013 was an attempt at sending a crowdfunded message toward the star Gliese 526, and the article discusses both the funding perils and security concerns over this and other attempts at broadcasting messages that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive. [read the article at the Kernel]

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Pubs: Galactic Rays and Habitability

A new paper led by Dr. Dimitra Atri explores the effect of galactic cosmic rays on planetary habitability. The paper is titled “Galactic cosmic ray induced radiation dose on terrestrial exoplanets” and is currently in press in the journal Astrobiology. In a new episode of our podcast series “Pubs with BMSIS”, join Brendan Mullen in a conversation with Dimitra about the importance of cosmic rays in both astrobiology and daily life. [listen to the conversation]

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