Welcome to Happening @ S.A.G.A.N.!

Welcome to Happening @ S.A.G.A.N.! We’ll be posting here regularly about some of the exciting events and activities happening on S.A.G.A.N. (Social Action for a Grassroots Astrobiology Network)! If you haven’t logged in, and are interested in astrobiology, space exploration, or science in general you definitely want to check it out – S.A.G.A.N. is an educational initiative of Blue Marble Space that provides a collaborative web-platform for scientists and the public alike! Next week you can catch the Arizona State University Astrobiology Coffee […]

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Meet the team: Zach Adam

Every month, we’ll highlight a BMSIS scientist and feature them on this page. This month, Zach Adam answers our questions: BMSIS: Please tell us a little about yourself Zach Adam: I’m a PhD student studying geology at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, but before that I worked as an aerospace engineer for about 3 years. Each week, as I saw that more and more planets were being found outside our solar system by the Kepler spacecraft, I felt that my day-to-day […]

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Podcast: Dr. Jon Petters on Science & Policy

The February edition of “Beer with BMSIS” is now available online! This month’s podcast features a discussion with Dr. Jon Petters titled “Democracy in Action: An Atmospheric Scientist Jumps into Science Policy“. Join us as Jon discusses his experiences as a AAAS fellow in Washington D.C. and his advice for scientists interested in policy. [listen to the conversation]

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